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Targeted Email Lists to Buy and Download For Your Own Use



Please Choose a Target Type or Group of People That Best Fits Your Email List Needs:

1. Specific Target Email Lists: Very specific to Locations, Zipcodes, Professions, Income, e.t.c (Level 2, 3 and 4 Targeting)

2. US Consumer Email Lists (Level 1 Targeting)

3. Europe Consumer Email Lists (Level 1 Targeting)

4. World Wide Consumer Email Lists (Level 1 Targeting)


We offer Quality not Quantity -  Our Email Lists Have the below Characteristics:

1. All our email lists have any duplicates removed and the list are sorted and labelled
2. All our email lists are fresh and verified; they are acquired through opt in means.
3. All our email addresses are updated monthl and all the undeliverables emails are removed.

Buy Email Lists to own - Buying email lists is one of the necessary actions you need to take if you wanted to do email marketing or email blasts by yourself. We have a lot of well targeted email lists which you can select from one of the drop down lists on this page. The topmost drop down list out of the 4 on this page offers you the highest ability for specifically targeted email list quotes. You can use these email lists to send out email flyers to the type of consumers you want to get to your website or the type of consumers you want to call you through your email newsletter. Buying the right email list can be difficult so its good if you can reach a website like this that will allow you to specify your best target and get a quote right away on how many they have available. That way you can think and decide if you want to proceed or not. From this page you can search for and buy email lists which you can download after payment.  You can select various email list targets of choice from the 4 different links below to search and get quotes. For example we have business opportuniy email list and business email list.


Our pricing structure is by levels of targeting as explained below.

View Demo Search Page For These Levels

1. Level 1 targeting is just targeting all over USA usual just a type of consumer and the price is much cheaper like $259.99 for 1 Million. Level 1 can be done in box 2, 3 and 4. But not the top box 1
2. Level 2 is targeting a specific city or state, or county or targeting a specific group of people that are not just consumers. and the price is usually $249.99 for 50,000 for example
3. Level 3 targeting is targeting both a specific location and a specific type of person not just consumers and the price is usually $459.99 for 50,000
4. Level 4 will be adding income level, or revenue of a company, or age of a person, or company size to what you have for level 3 and its more expensive than level 3.














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