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Ripoff Report is a Review Company That is Not Ashamed To Say in Their Terms of Service That They Can Never remove a Complaint Report Once its Been Posted - Whether a True Complaint or a False Complaint!

- So Basically, If You Prove a Report is False, They Still Won't Remove it. Even If A Customer Who Filed a Complaint on a Company Comes Back To Remove The Mistakenly Filed Report, They Won't Remove it Either. Ripoff Report is more Interested In Extorting Money ($10,000 minimum for each report) From The Victim Company!


Here is our Unfortunate Experience with Ripoff Report:

Our customer Sam Servedio had issues with his campaign because his hosting company Godaddy could not handle the traffic from his campaign and asked him to change hosting (Godaddy is never good to use for large email campaigns). So he was angry and went and filed a strong report against us at Ripoff Report on Aug 30th. But that was before he contact us about the problem. Because of his anger he put the amount high to cause more damage to us. He said we stole $3000 instead of the $259.99 that he paid. Then within a day after he filed it, he found out that we were willing to help him resolve the issue for the 1 million campaign that he paid $259.99 for. We helped him with his fix his Godaddy account. So he rushed back to Ripoff Report to remove/ delete the report, but it was too late (If you go further down in that Report at Ripoff Report, you will see where he typed Case Closed, they helped me out). He told us that he had to type that because Ripoff Report refused to delete the complaint. So he found out that Ripoff Report never agrees to remove even false complaints because they are more interested in using the report as an extortion tool against the company that received the negative report. They will try to extort a minimum of $10,000 for one report. Please read the details below to understand how they do it. You or anybody should never use Ripoff Report to evaluate any company!!


Click here to watch a video of a company owner who found out that Ripoff Report purposefully posted a negative report about his company and asked him to pay. He now has a $20,000 bounty on head of the owner of Ripoff Report Ed M., who is currently in hiding to avoid law suits and Judgments.

Click here to read even more on our findings on Ripoff Report. Please make sure not to Judge us or any company based on a complaint at Ripoff Report!


Read Their Terms of Service Below (Do not Use a company Like this For Your Reviews):


Why Ripoff Report will not remove a Report even when the Author of the Report asks Ripoff Report to do so…

Do you remember checking the box below before filing your Rip-off Report? .. YOU, the author, had to check this box or the Report would not go through.  Here is what you agreed to just before you clicked the "Submit Your Report" button -- NOTE: the box is NOT pre-checked, you must check it before the Report will submit.


[ ] By posting this report/rebuttal, I attest that this report is valid and I understand and agree that my submission and use of this website is subject to the site's Terms of Service (above). I am giving Ripoff Report irrevocable rights to post it on this web site. I acknowledge that once I post my report, it will not be removed, even at my request. Of course, I can always update my report to reflect new developments by clicking on UPDATE. Further, I agree that by posting this report/rebuttal that the State of Arizona has exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes between me and the operators of Ripoff Report arising out of this posting.

===========End Of Their Terms of Service===========



Below is An Email We sent RipOff Report while trying to get them to remove their false report on us. A report/Complaint that the customer who filed it tried to delete the next day after He Filed it. but He could not Delete It because they are more interested in extorting money than carrying the truth.


To: Ripoff Report
Subject: Re: A post on your site that shouldn't be there

You see its conclusions like this that I am seriously concerned about. We did not remedy the case because the customer filed a complaint. There wasn't even enough time. The customer filed it on Aug 30th and tried to close it on Aug 31st but couldn't do so because you guys blocked that option. So when was there enough time for us to fix it because they filed something. And I only found out about the complaint on October and that's when we responded. As you can see.
Since when is it your business to dig in and know why a customer actually closed a case. Isn't the important thing that a customer who filed something came back and cancelled it themselves. Shouldn't you dumbly close it as you dumbly published it?
You did not answer my question about the cost for your scam corporate advocacy program that you are advertising. Which means you are peddling negative report on innocent businesses to make money. In that case only a Lawsuit on you will suffice. I don't believe you have been sued 90 times and won all. You are just saying that to dissuade me. And I don't believe that you have been subpoenaed to reveal filer information and never did when we know Google that is much bigger than you has to give in to subpoenas.
I will sue you for damages on a case that has already been closed; $10,000 a week since the month the customer tried to close it. They shouldn't have to ask you to remove it. They should be able to log in and update or delete their own damaging statement.


Below is Proof of The Large Amounts Of Money Ripoff Report Prefers to extort Than To Be Honest And Remove False Reports!


Below charges relates to those with 1 or more complaints filed against them and they don’t have multiple locations - 
you could still have 2 or 3 locations but have Reports on your business and be charged using the rates below. 
Any questions, just ask us to explain if you have any questions.

NOTE: *** 
If you have multiple names that you go by, and the business is selling the same product or related service.. there is a minimum ONE TIME charge of $10,000 for the second name, $5,500 for each additional – Each name would get its own feature story that would likely be found at the top of search engines. Each name gets their own on-site review.. acting as your first line of defense on the Internet.. and those that were not looking for you and find our review will want to do business with you, as they see your commitment to customer satisfaction, Verified by Ripoff Report. .. business consumers know they can trust. 



= = = = = = = = = =

So you can see, ripoff report is really not a review company to use if you want to check on a company, since they won't even allow a customer /complaint author to delete complaints that they themselves filed. Ripoff Report is more interested in extorting money from any company that has the misfortune of getting a negative complaint. Even if the filer of the complaint finds out that they made a mistake or gets compensated and rushes back the next day to delete the report. They will find that they can't remove it once its filed. You can read more on Ripoff Report here





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