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Excel Spreadsheet Email Lists With Complete Fields - Available In Millions

Omega One is a leading company in the excel email list vending. We cater to all excel spreadsheet email list requirements. Our excel spreadsheets span the various industries and types of individual.

We have Industries like: Healthcare excel email addresses, Insurance excel email addresses, Banking and Finance excel email lists, Engineering excel email addresses, Computer Software Engineer Excel email databases, Computer Hardware Engineer excel email data, Electricians excel email addresses, Telecom excel email lists, Email list of Managers in Excel, Retail excel email addresses, Consulting excel email lists, Information Technology excel email addresses, Electronics excel email lists, Food and Beverage excel spreadsheet email lists, Construction excel email lists, Transportation excel email lists, Education excel email lists, Human Resources excel email lists, HR Microsoft excel email lists, SMB/SME excel email lists, SIC Codes Excel email lists, Business Services excel email lists, B2B Excel email lists, Oil and Gas excel file email lists, Energy and Utilities excel email lists, Media excel email lists, Manufacturing company excel spreadsheet email lists, Automotive excel email lists, Marketing and Advertising excel email lists e.t.c.

Top Level Executives excel email lists that contains of all Titles : CEOs excel email lists, CFOs excel email lists, CIOs excel email lists, CTOs excel spreadsheet email lists, COOs excel spreadsheet email lists, VP's excel spreadsheet email lists, Presidents excel spreadsheet email lists, Chairman's excel spreadsheet email lists, GMs, Mid level Managers excel email lists, Sales and Marketing Managers excel spreadsheet email lists, Human Resource Managers excel spreadsheet email lists, IT Managers excel spreadsheet email lists, Sales and Marketing Executives excel spreadsheet email lists, Publishers excel spreadsheet email lists etc.

We have new quality databases that are currently very fresh and unused in excel. A lot of them are large email lists that you can purchase and use over and over for your email marketing campaigns. You can use the email lists for mail merge in excel which can greatly increase your response rate in your email marketing solutions. Mail merge is when you have your email messages or newsletters showing the first_name or first and last name of each recipient. You can also use the phone number, Postal addresses and faxes in the excel email list to do further marketing campaigns. We have as much as 60 million available for sale.


We have 100% guarantee on our excel email listsThe excel spreadsheet email list databases contains First name, last name, phone number, company name, title, postal address with city, state, zip code and country,and in some cases country, and email addresses. So they are very high quality excel email data and can be used for various types of marketing projects, ranging from email marketing, automated calling to fax broadcasting. For example Opt-in email marketing, mass email marketing, telemarketing, mail order marketing and so on.

With an excel email list like this you can always run large email campaigns with your own system or server and be ready to provide proof that its opt in if needed since the excel emails contain proof of opt-in info.

To elaborate on mail merge, with a high quality excel email list like this you will have the response yielding opportunity to do mail merge where you include each recipients Firstname or city or what every you need to merge into the email ad/flyer.

Please call us to get a quote on the 60 Million

We have other packages like 10 Million, 20 Million and 30 Million USA for the excel email database.

30 million USA
1.2 million UK
1.4 million Canada
400K Australia and New Zealand

Again the email lists in excel all contain First name, last name, company name, title, postal address with city, state zip and country, telephone number and email address.

Please make sure to submit a quote request with the form below if you are interested.

We also have a lot of high quality smaller data that are very targeted. You can see the snapshots of 3 of them below. One of them is a doctors email list in excel with all doctor types available in it and broken down by specialty. And the other is realtors email list broken down by state. These targeted excel email data all include First name, last name, company name, title, postal address with city, state zip and country, telephone number and email address as well. Click here to see more and to see pricing for the well targeted excel email data.


Excel email list with name and phone number, Doctors email list - Doctors email addresses in excel     Excel email address with all rows, Real estate agents email list   Excel email list with all rows, Auto Dealership email list, Car dealership email addresses, Auto dealership excel data


You can call us at this number 1 802-503-0042 or submit a quote request in the form below.


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