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Large Standard Consumer Type Mass Email Blasts

Standard consumer type mass email blast refers to email blasts that you can get in quite large amounts for a low price. Bulk email marketing or blast is an important and common type of email marketing because this is where you can select and order very large email campaigns to get a lot of traffic to your website. Some customers can go for 100 million email blast campaign. This page has a dropdown list near the bottom that allows you to select the type of consumers you want to reach in large amounts. 

Some of the Numerous Targets We have

See the Typical Pricing For These Consumer Targets Below. - If you want larger than the 100 Million Contact us Now


For Larger email blasts Please email or call us using info from our contact page


As you can see from this page you can get very large email campaigns at reasonable prices. With this opportunity you will be able to pay and market to a very high number of people out there. This opportunity to market to quite a bit of consumers at affordable pricing will give you a cost effective marketing project even if the product you are marketing is not cheap to buy. Or even if the product you are selling is not in high demand.

So again, it is really not possible to get it at very low prices like that if the email campaign is being sent out for real. If 50 Million is expensive for you, then you can order a lower volume email blast that you can afford and at least have a real email blast campaign sent! We have 2 million, 1 million email campaign, 500,000 email blast and so on.


To see the numerous types of consumers that you can select and order large amounts at reasonable prices please click on the drop down list just below. It will allow you to see the bulk email blast pricing on the next page if you selected one consumer target and clicked on the button just below the drop down list.


For all these email blast opportunities we are CAN SPAM LAW Compliant in all our Mailing  (we follow all guidelines for the new mass mailing law). So you won't be getting spam complaints by using our services for your bulk email marketing campaigns. So try us today it is really profitable as long as you have some form of selling product or service. We Accept HTML or TEXT EMAILS   We email you a  confirmation with statistics report Bulk email marketing is very interesting and smooth process. We can even design your email creative for you if you don't have one. With bulk email marketing packages that you can see on this page you can reach any number of large consumers and for sure the high amount of traffic will offset low purchasing problem if you have a product with low purchase interest. So basically any product with some demand will do well with our bulk email marketing service. Bulk email marketing allows you to either select business opportunity seekers, car owners, insurance seeker email campaign, home owners or over 200 more consumer type targets like that. You can see a review on us at

If you want a very targeted email blast instead of large consumer type email blasts please click here.












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