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Omega One Policy

We have made out our company policies that will help us operate more smoothly and serve our customers better. Our policies are legally binding and customers need to observe our company policies and not act as if we operate with no well planned policies and guidelines here.

Cancellation Policy

There have been a few times when a customer tried to decide for us how fast a campaign needs to be sent through a server. And they wanted us to ignore our expertise on how fast works best. And before you know it, a customer can cancel because an email blast took a few hours more. These are people that know nothing about email blast campaigns or email sending protocols. So since these customers think they can try to rip off a company instead of waiting for an email blast campaign to complete first before drawing conclusions, we have created these cancellation policies and they are legally binding.

1. Once an email campaign starts, we will give you an estimate as to when they email blast campaign will take to complete. Customers can not prematurely claim during an on going campaign that they want to cancel, or claim that they campaign was not all sent in one day, or claim that they did not get this amount of traffic before a campaign is complete and then dispute their payment at their credit card processor. If customers file for a chargeback on a campaign that is not complete yet, our policy is legally binding and they customer will owe us the amount of money he or she charged back. Filing for a chargeback on the first day of a four day campaign or anytime before the four days is over means that the customer did not wait for his or her email campaign to complete before complaining. This makes all the claims at his or her credit card company false. For example if he claimed that he is filing for a chargeback because the number he order was not sent, then he is making a false statement because he did not wait for us to complete the sending before going off and filling for a chargeback. And our policy is legally binding and we will get our money back.

2. Customers are not the ones to decide how long a certain email campaign size will take to send through. If a customer wants to know this detail, they can ask us at Omega One. And we only give estimates due to the many technical issues that can arise during an email campaign. If customers decides on their own without asking us and files for a chargeback, this policy is legally binding and we will be getting our money back.

3. Customers who purchase an email list to download and own can ask for a replacement if there are any email addresses in it that they don't like. Customers that purchased an email list and downloaded it can't really ask for a refund because they can't really return the product because they will always have a copy on their computer. So what we can do, is replace any emails they claim is bad.

Customers are advised to observe our company policies and cancellation policies if they want to order our products or services. We operate by a well organized service protocol here and we hope our customers can observe them. These will make our business relationship much easier.

























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