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We offer email marketing that gets you high delivery rates into the inbox of recipient consumers. This in turn gets you a high traffic from the email blast with us. with a high traffic to your website, you can get a lot of sales and profits for whatever product you are offering to them. Our delivery rate from the email marketing and targeted email message sending campaigns are close to 95% because of the technology we use. Because of these regular tech updates, your email ads will be seen by almost 80% of recipients because they will open them since they end up in the their inboxes. Omega One is one of the only few companies that can achieve this great reach because of the one on one email send technology we use. Our customers also don't get spam complaints from our focused email blasts, targeted email marketing methods or email marketing services.

We use smtp accounts which have white list status. This one technology adds a great deal to our email marketing success. Due to the whitelist status, there is a guarantee that your emails will always be delivered into the inbox of consumers. So you will see your traffic go up from our email marketing strategy and mass email services because your email messages or email newsletter messages are being opened. .

penny stocks email blast, penny stocks email campaign, big penny stocks email blast, worldwide penny stocks email campaign, email blast to stock traders, massive penny stocks email campaign, penny stocks email blast to us consumers, email campaign to stock buyersWe currently have only 4 openings for large email campaigns to 50 million consumes, and we currently have only 4 openings left for large email campaigns to 100 million or more consumers. Contact us for a quote and get your order in before the servers are full whereby we will have to wait for a month for our IPs and white list status account to recover from spam filter trackings and blacklistings from large campaigns.. We limit how many customers we take on for large email campaigns because we give our IPs time to recover after very large campaigns. So contact us immediately to see if there are still slots left for large email campaigns for you..


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Our mass email service Innovations offer lots of targeted email blasts that allow you to do any level of specific targeting that you need. You can target by state, city or zip code. You can target your email blasts by income, race, gender or profession. Visit the page that allows you to do any level of targeting on email marketing blasts here: targeted email blast.

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We offer lots of targeted email lists. And we have a page that will allow you to target email list purchases specifically to city, state, zip code and country. Our email lists can also be targeted to gender, income level, company size, and career titles. Visit our page that will allow you to do any level of targeting to your email list of choice.

You can get quotes for Email Blast or Email List by clicking the applicable menu on the left menu on this page and then go into the specific product or service you need to do a search for.

We offer Canadian Targeted email blast and Canadian targeted email lists of all sorts.

We offer Arab Gulf Countries email blast Campaigns and Arab Gulf countries email lists here.

We offer Australian targeted email lists and Australian targeted email marketing campaigns too.


Our Estimates For ROI on Email Blasts:

If we assume that you have a product that sells for $49.99. And you ordered an email blast of 10 million consumers, our tested estimate from previous email blasts show that you would make at least $50,000.00 dollars and spend only $1399 for the email marketing campaign. And its based on the Following ROI from our email marketing campaign.

If only 1 percent of the recipients that received your email creative ads visits your website out of the 10 Million sent out (usually its 3 to 5%). And out of that 1%, if only 1% purchased the product of $49.99, you will make $50,000.00. So you can see how our email marketing here at Omega One can get you a lot of sales and profits. You can imagine if you ordered the 100 Million! With that you will make as much as $500,000.00 at least based on the above Estimate. We can spread out the 100 million email campaign over 2 weeks. And Remember: 1 % is at the low end on the return on investment (ROI) you can get with Omega One. Most customers here get from 3% to 5%. See some testimonies

Do you have your own list or want to use our own list for email marketing.


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What are the Advantages of Using Fresh IPs For Mass Email Marketing

We use up hundreds of iPs daily for our email blast campaigns. Our technology that changes IPs by the minute during each email broadcasting campaign is pretty unique and vital. It prevents your email messages and email newsletters from being blacklisted or marked as spam during the email advertising blast. When the IPs are changed regularly as we do, your email deliverability will be very high when we are running your email blast. With a high open rate from your email marketing blast, you will start getting high traffic from the email sending campaign. This will yield of high rate of signups, purchases at your website and high profits. So sending out email flyers to mass email lists or targeted email lists using fresh IPs is very vital for a successful email marketing solution..

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What Sort of Email Messages Can Be Sent

At our company, we accept both HTML and text messages. Our servers are configured to send out either html email ads or text email messages. We will set the necessary features to handle whichever type of email message is going to be sent. An HTML email creative looks better than a text email ad and may grab more attention than a text email ad. But on the other hand, a text email ad gets delivered a little bit more than html ads into the inbox of consumers. With our system the difference is only little. With other marketers that are not quite experienced as us, most of their html messages will end up in the spam folder of the recipient consumers and will not be opened.

What Kind of Targets Does Omega One Have Available For Permission Email Marketing and opt-in Email Blasts

We have a lot of targeted email lists here to use for your email marketing solutions. We have large consumer email data and in lesser volume we have more targeted email lists. Our consumer email lists will allow you to run large email blasts here. We will search for the target you chose during the order and we will use that for your commercial email marketing or local email marketing for example. We have almost any targeted email blast campaign here. We have home owner email lists to be used for home owner email blasts. We have alternative medicine email blast, realtor email marketing with our realtor email lists, home owner email marketing campaigns with our home owner email lists, voter email blast with our voter email lists. We also have investor email campaign using our investors email data, weight lost email sending campaign using our weight lost consumer email addresses, we have email blast by city, email marketing targeted by profession, email blast targeted by demography and so on. So here at Omega One, we can offer our customers numerous specifically targeted email marketing solutions.

How Does Omega One Perform in Email Deliverability Compared to Other Email Marketing Company or Email Sending Services.



Large email blast, massive email blast campaign, massive email broadcast, sending larg email campaign, send out millions of email messages daily, bulk email marketing, bulk email serviceWe have one of the highest email deliverability into the inbox of recipients. Our email marketing strategy involves using a lot of fresh elements and frequent changing of most things during the campaign to avoid blk listing during the email sending campaign. So people that use other companies will suffer a lot of loss ordering campaigns where they don't get a single response. On the contrary here at Omega One, customers get a high deliverability which allows their email messages to be seen, opened and clicked on!




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