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F. A. Q.


Email Campaigns

1- Do you allow targeted campaigns according to our client's demographics, etc?
Yes we allow that

2- Do i just provide you with my ad design and you do the rest or i get a list of emails from you and send emails to them myself?
We offer both options just choose the one you prefer by clicking on the correct servive on the left menu "Email Blast" or "Email list".

3- What is your companies email marketing success rate?
We have a lot of return customers so yes we have good marketing success.

4- What is your pricing?
You can select the service you want from our website to see prices. There are alse quote search forms

5- How long do each of your deployments last? (One week campaigns? Etc)
That depends on how large the campaigns are or if we decided to spread it out. But if you are asking about speed we can send out 200 Million in 8 day

6- What type of reporting are you able to provide after the campaign has ran?
We provide real-time tracking that you can log in and monitor open counts, page loads, visit, return visits, and so on

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Email Lists

1. What mode of payment do you accept?
Credit card, Debit card, Paypal and Bank wire

2. How accurate are these lists?
They are very fresh and accurate we update them every month and remove undeliverables

3. How quickly can they be delivered after payment?
1 to 2 days after you order for targeted lists

4. Are they reusable?

5. Are they opt-in
Yes they are

6. Where does your list of emails (records) come from and how do you obtain them? Do you have a database where you are pulling the addresses from?
We have partners we have clients with lots of their own in house data over time.

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