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Email Publishing Campaign


Welcome to Omega One Marketing your site for email publishing campaign we are an email ad publisher or email creative publisher. And we can send and publish many different targeted Email Publishing Campaigns for you. As an email publishing campaign service or email ad publisher, we have several servers that we can use to publish very large Email Publishing Campaigns for you. You can click here to see some of the many targets you can choose for the email publishing campaign.


Here at Omega One Marketing we can help you reach a lot of people by email that meet your chosen consumer base. We use sophisticated algorithms and technology to get your emails delivered into the inbox of recipients past the spam filters. However we also use only opt-in email lists for all our email marketing campaigns here. We can send out email creatives for you here, we can send out newsletters for you here. Whether it's a monthly newsletter campaigning or a weekly newsletter campaigning we do it all here. We also do large Email Publishing Campaigns that can be sent out to millions to help you reach a lot of consumers. The large Email Publishing Campaigns are particularly good for shopping websites or online pharmacy and medication websites that need a lot of sales. We can send out a lot of campaigns daily for customers using our own targeted permission based email list database.


Omega One Marketing Targeted Email Blast

We offer a host of targeted Email Publishing Campaigns that you can choose from to have us run a campaign for you that will reach your best type of consumers. You can use Omega One Marketing's Targeted Email Blast to send out email ads to people in a certain states within USA or you can use it to target another country. You can use our targeted email blast campaigns to send out email creatives to doctors or to electricians all over USA. Our Targeted Email Blast allows you to not only choose a specific profession to target by email but you can also choose specific cities or zip codes. Check out our Targeted Email Blast here.


Omega One Marketing Mass Email Blast

With our Mass Email Blast or mass Email Publishing Campaign you can use it to reach millions of people and drive a high number of traffic to your website in order to get a lot of sales. A lot of our ecommerce website and online pharmacy websites and medical website customers use our bulk email marketing monthly to reach a lot of new customers for their website. We can use Mass Email Blast to increase your website traffic from 50 a day to 10,000 a day. And if you order the very large campaigns we can spread it out so that you will get about 10,000 hits a day for about 2 weeks. You can use our Mass Email Blast to introduce a new product to the market and you will first make sure that you have setup the shopping cart and payment gateway end so that they can purchase your products easily when they get to your website. You can see pricing on our mass email blasts here


Omega One Marketing B2B Email Blast

Omega One Marketing offers you quality B2B Email Blast campaigns. With our B2B Email Blast you can target businesses of all sorts. You can use our B2B Email Blast to target people by career or profession for example. You can use our B2B Email Blast to arrange an email marketing campaign that will go out to auto dealerships across the USA or Auto Dealerships in just Chicago IL. You can use our targeted B2B Email Blast to send out Email Publishing Campaigns to certain manufactures or to all manufacturers. B2B Email Blast is very profitable if you are a developer for a newly patented product for example, you can use our targeted B2B Email Blast to send out large Email Publishing Campaigns to all manufactures to see who will give you the best offer to start manufacturing your product. So how ever targeted you want your B2B Email Blast we can do it here. You can try our B2B Email Blast here.


Omega One Marketing B2C Email Blast

Our B2C Email Blast allows you to run large Email Publishing Campaigns similar to the mass email blast described above. We can use our B2C Email Blast to send out low cost Email Publishing Campaigns that will reach a lot of people. For a low fee you can use our B2C Email Blast to reach 50 million consumers for example. You can imagine the number of hits and sales you can get from that B2C Email Blast. Lets us use our B2C Email Blast to get you known across the internet and get you lots of sales. Omega One Marketing B2C Email Blast has a lot of consumer type targets to choose from. You can use B2C Email Blast at our website here


Omega One Marketing Email Creative Designing

Email creative designing at Omega One Marketing is fantastic. We design nice professional looking email ads that you can use for your email marketing and Newsletter email broadcasts. We can design email ads that you can use for the email marketing service that you will be doing with us or we can design the email creative for the email advertising that you will be using at another company. Our Email Creative Designing is cheaper if you are using our email marketing service with the designed ad or newsletter. You can check out our Email Creative Designing here and see examples of our nice portfolio of designs


Omega One Marketing Excel Email List

We also offer quality Excel Email List that contains complete contact information instead of just the emails. Excel Email Lists allow you to do lot of targeting after purchasing the list. You can use the columns to sort the list and target very specifically in the excel file. You can target by zip code, by city. With Excel Email List you can even target by profession or by income level. With an Excel Email List you can do a lot of targeting that helps you tailor your Email Publishing Campaign to specific targets. Our Excel Email List are updated every month and will provide you with fresh data that you can use for a long time. Omega One Marketing Excel Email List are priced according to the size and quality. You can see more details about our Excel Email List here


Omega One Marketing Targeted Email List

Our Targeted Email List page has a whole section where you can choose many different targets. It allows you to do a search to specify very specific targets. Targeted Email List allows you to do specific targeting after you buy the list and download for use. With Omega One Marketing Targeted Email List you can use your own software to do the email marketing blasts yourself and save money. You can use targeted email list to run Email Publishing Campaigns that target a specific profession or a specific location. Targeted Email List can also be used to target specific income levels and specific demographs. You can do a search here on our Targeted Email List


Omega One Marketing Newsletter Email Publishing Campaigns

We design great newsletters here that you can use for nice Newsletter Email Publishing Campaigns. With Newsletter Email Publishing Campaigns you can keep in touch with your customer base or subscribers or some other group. You can get a lot of sales and orders by keeping in touch and not letting your previous customers forget you. We will use our email creative design service to design nice newsletters for you to use for your Newsletter Email Publishing Campaigns. We can run the Newsletter Email Publishing Campaigns for you here at Omega One Marketing or you can get the Newsletter Email Publishing Campaigns ad designed for you here and then you use it some place else for your Email Publishing Campaign. We have numerous nice templates that we can use to design your newsletters for the Newsletter Email Publishing Campaigns. Click here to learn more about our Newsletter Email Publishing Campaigns and see the templates.














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