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Exposing Blackmail Tactics and Setting the Record Straight on False Accusation by SpamHaus!


Content in This Article - Sep 2, 2014


1. Response to Spam Haus false claims and exposing their tactics.
2. Some quotes from comments that Spam Haus made about us.
3. Providing a link to an article by a Whistle blower that used to work in Spam Haus.
4.Other links to articles about Spam Haus illegal activities plus our own experience.
5. Response to a false claim on Ripoff Report about us. (Though the customer has closed it)
6. Complete detail on who posted the false claim on Ripoff Report about us.
7. About Charlie our senior marketing specialist that was talked about Most.
8. Comments Section where you can comment or ask questions.


Response to Spam Haus false claims and exposing their tactics.


We want to respond to to false comments about our company; One is by Spam Haus and the other is a false post on Ripoff Report. Spam Haus is the biggest lying organization that operates by using lies and misinformation as its best tool to shut down even legitimate email marketers. They also use lies to dumb down people. They send lies to marketing company's ISP to get them to shut them down. And if an ISP is dumbed down enough like verizon and comcast they will shut down anybody without question even if they are not using their website to send anything. If not then Spam Haus will then bully them to shut down a domain. Don't be a dumbed down sheeple!


Don't be a dumb-down sheeple, use email marketing here.  It worksSpam Haus uses same tactics as CNN, Fox news and the rest of them to dumb you down. They only people that they allow to send out emails are huge corporations that can pay them upwards of $100,000 and then they will be overlooked by Spam Haus and be allowed to send as much email blasts as they can. But don't worry they sometimes allow you if you can pay $25,000 for a network monthly! So we as an email marketing company can offer you email marketing starting from $49.99 to send 50,000 - we can do campaigns of over 200 million at an affordable price to give normal individuals the opportunity to advertise just like the overly rich 1% do. Don't be dumbed down into a sheeple by lies that Spam Haus posts about email marketing companies to prevent them from being in business. They also post same lies about any ISP that refuses to shutdown legitimate email marketing companies.




Here are some quotes from comments that Spam Haus made about us


They said "our lists are full of spam traps" - Spam Haus snoops around and adds spam traps to people's subscription based email lists or opt-in email lists whether they have an authentic opt-in form to collect subscribers legally or not. I say "Well Spam Haus since 2004 we have certainly had enough time to learn how to avoid and remove your unauthorized spam trap emails". Their claim that our lists are full of spam traps was a post way back in 2004. Obviously they can't see our mailing anymore since then. Otherwise they would have updated to current claims and accusation. We have made sure that they can't detect our clients email campaigns since then. That way, they can't bother any of our clients or our customer websites. Non of our customers have received spam complaints since 2008 and from 2004 to 2008 their has been only 1. They have to be able to see the mailings through spam complaints before they can snoop around and post false claims or try to shutdown customer websites. If you harvest emails from the internet, that's a sure time that they will be filled with their spam traps. We stopped using harvested list since 2003. So our customers are safe to buy our email lists or use our email blast services.


They said "He uses multiple domains to front for his Iomega scam, possibly to evade detection" First of all they know that most email marketing companies have to use more than one domain. You put it in different ISPs so that if they think they have all the power and shut down one domain, you will refer your customer to the other domain until you can move that domain to a new ISP. It is actually a very vital practice. Even Wikileaks had to do that and the had over 20 domains to prevent shutdown from the US in their attempt to leak documents that tell the truth about the government. In the Spam Haus false post, they make it look like we are using more than one domain as a scam mechanism. But they are pretending, they know the real reason why. They made the claim just to help them succeed in their disinformation schemes. (Wait, I just found out while researching for this article this month that Spam Haus themselves have been using multiple domain and registered companies names offshore - What a hypocrite organization! See the article link: They know that all the email marketing companies they are shutting down have to have more than one domain to give them a real run for their time and money while they go around to each ISP shooting them lies in emails and calling them up. And we are no exception. The only reason why they could tell the 3 domains were from us is because it was our first year and we were still naive and they took advantage of that naivety. We used the same name in all 3 domain whois registrant information and they could see that easily and record all the domains. Right now though things have changed. The can't shut us down anymore. We now have the right ISP abroad that isn't dumb-down enough to take their word for it without checking.

See? to shut down domain names, they have to send out lies. And here is why. Most email marketing companies don't send out emails from their website or main website. So to shutdown a website that isn't being used for spamming, they have to lie. Misinformation to shutdown where companies are getting their customers. Spam Haus has to lie and say that 20 million email was sent out from this domain or that 100 million email were sent from that domain. If they are sending out these lies to dumbed-down employees in Verizon or Comcast, they will shut you down even before you receive they letter of notice that they as your ISP are terminating your service. They are supposed to give you time to receive your notice before they shut you down. Like 5 days for the mail to arrive at least. But they don't even give you 1 day. From Spam Haus's pressure, they want to make sure you don't make a buck before each shutdown. But it is illegal to do it like that. But they do it anyway since we are all dumbed-down sheeples in USA and they know that non of us will have the time or money to take them to court. But anyway when they tried that lying tactics to our ISP that we move to in Europe, it didn't work. Why? because they are not dumbed-down. Each time, they Euro ISP checked their network against their claims and reported back to Spam Haus that we did not send a single email from our domain. And we have been ok ever since.

They said "Hence, the newbies and cons get stuck "holding the bag" when their websites are cratered by ISPs" - Ha ha, our customers don't get spam complaints so how can they be caught holding the bag? What lies this organization is able to put out. We use white-list status to send out our emails so non of our customers get spam complaints. There hasn't been a single complaint since 2008. Even getting about 2 complaints every 4 months would be considered ok for a company that serves several customers daily on campaigns large and small. But we go by years with no spam complaints. So don't let this Spam Haus dumb you down with lies and misinformation!


Providing a link to an article by a Whistle blower that used to work in Spam Haus.


A big Whistle blow from former Spam Haus employee: In the article below you will be shocked to learn more illegal tactics that they are using and how they have become worse than they type of people they started their organization to fight. See the link:!topic/





Other links to articles about Spam Haus illegal activities


The links are below but let us start by mentioning some of our own dealings with Spam Haus. We were in a normal hosting company and Spam Haus sent them false information to shut us down. They claimed that we sent out millions of emails from our website which was false. We used software on another network, absolutely not our website. But they chose to lie to get what the want.


We changed hosting companies but the followed us and did the same. They threatened the hosting companies each time that they will black list all their IPs if they don't shut us down so they had to.

We then decided to do our own hosting through our office ISP. This time there will be no email system that could be accused of sending emails through the network. With this, there will just static HTML pages. We used a dedicated network from our ISP to do that through a business line. And it took weeks to set up our own hosting. But as soon as we started ranking high again in search engines after the setup, Spam Haus immediately sent lies to verizon to claim that we used our network to send out 5 million emails. They were using the same 5 million email blast claim over and over that they used 2 years before. Just anything to support their false claim. So as soon as the contacted verizon. Their dumbed down employees shut us down without even contacting us, and without even waiting for their warning letter to reach us by mail. They are supposed to inform you before they shut you down or at least warn you to stop or something. But they could not wait a day.


Then we moved our server to Europe with our own hosting. Then Spam Haus followed suit. They sent our Euro ISP the same old lie about sending 5 million through the network which was now over 4 years old. They claimed that we sent out 5 million with our new office network with them. But luckily for us this time, the tech employees in Europe are not as dumbed down. So instead they went in and investigated. And they saw that no single email was sent. They got back to Spam Haus and told them that their claim was false and that they were not going to shut us down. Then Spam Haus then tried their second illegal tactic. They tried to bully the ISP and told them that if they don't shut down our internet connection that they will black list all their IPs. But some how our ISP had Euro law on their side protecting them and they warned Spam Haus not to try.


Then Spam Haus waited a while and came back with the same false claim on us. And our ISP went in again to investigate and told them that their claims were false. They came back and tried about 6 more times with their lies. Then finally, our Euro ISP finally told Spam Haus not to contact them again with this old lie or list any of their IPs based on this false claims. It was a legal warning; so nothing they could joke with or ignore. Then Spam Haus had to stop bothering them. This allowed us to flourish and with no spam complaints ever since. The only spam complaint we had was that single one in 2004 when we were inexperienced. Spam Haus would have used that to shut us down 5 years after it happened if they could. How evil?!

Then Spam Haus didn't give up there. They resorted to their 3rd illegal tactic. They then began to try and jam our modem with too much traffic at subtle intervals so as not to get noticed, about 1 to 3 hours, 2 times a day to try and screw up our website uptime and lower our traffic without us noticing. It will cause Google to lower our page rank due to our website being slow and down a lot from their jamming. They did this for many months before we found out what was happening. We then told our ISP and they have warned Spam Haus and are keeping an eye open for the next jam attack. This Spam Haus organization is the worst kind of mafia with evil mafia tactics, misinformation, and all levels of hypocrisy!


Below are links to more of their illegal activities:


1. Spam Haus is a major censorship organization only pretending to fight spam (off course like CNN, MSNBC ABC News and the rests). See the link: Haus-threat-cyberbunker-ddos-attack-956/


2. Spam Haus has been declared illegal in Russia and other countries are planning to do the same!

See the links: Haus-declared-illegal-in-russia-and-other-countries-considering-to-do-same.3.html


3. Spam Haus was sued and they lost the law suit in USA to e360. And they have been ordered to pay 11 million dollars in damages to e360 that they accused and shutdown with disinformation. But they chose to go on the run. So the Spam Haus owner and their employees have stopped setting foot in USA.

See the links:


4. Spam Haus Money Laundering? Wonders shall never end. See the link




Response to a false claim on Ripoff Report about us.


We had a customer that made a false claim on Ripoff Report. And later when we helped the customer and corrected the problem with his campaign, he went back to Ripoff Report to close the case but Ripoff Report refused to close it. So we later found out that Ripoff Report is a vulture company that sits and waits for anybody to fall and then they will zero in for the kill whether it is with false statements or true statements in complaint/report. In this our case it was a false claim because the customer claimed it was $3000 that he lost to us while it was only $259.99 that he paid. Then it was also false because he found out that we had corrected his marketing campaign and he came back to remove it but could not.


So based on how they operate, as soon as you have any problem whether a true accusation on your firm or a false one, they can extort as much as $60,000 from you before they can remove the report or claim on you or your company. I will include a link to their extortion letter below. It took weeks before we could finally receive it to know how exactly they operate. We kept asking them "what does it take for this false claim to be removed?, but the kept stalling and being mysterious. And we asked "what is involved?" then "Do we have to pay anything?" but they did not answer. Then after weeks they finally asked us to fill out a form for their CAP Advocacy program to get a quote on how much it will cost. They finally sent the quote and we saw that if we have only one complaint report, that it will cost us $10,500 to have it removed. Can you imagine how much it will cost a company if they had just 6 complaints. They stuck with the same quote even after we told them that the report/claim on us was false. So basically, Ripoff Report is not a reliable company to use as a gauge on a company's reputation since they are vultured extortionists waiting to collect on anybody that gets any kind of complaint whether true or false. You can go to this link below to see the content of their extortion letter just for them to remove a false claim on a company:


Its a long document First look for the text in Red

Ripoff Report Extortionist application form requirement






Complete detail on who posted the false claim on Ripoff Report about us.


Please visit this page to see full evidence that the post on Ripoff Report is false - Detail on the post and the identity of the poster.


Samuel Servedio
1007 North Federal Hwy 83
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
[email protected]






About Charlie that was talked about Most


### Charlie who works at Omega One Marketing is a USA citizen born in Wisconsin and spent 10 years in Europe. He also speaks 5 languages and spending time abroad is where he gets his little accent.
### Charlie also runs an SEO company which ranked highest on hundreds of SEO related keywords for several years. Including Email marketing keywords. It was a lot of ranking high using all the current SEO tactics until SEO became too competitive and almost no one is doing well in it these days. Now Charlie still offers SEO at
People that scam usually don't have many qualifications at their disposal. Scamming is for untalented individuals who have no other opportunities or any other place to go.
### Charlie is actually well educated in Science with Bachelor of Science from University of Washington. The education includes Computer information system training.
### So Charlie is really into technology and it includes skills like programming, website designing, Photoshop, SEO Optimization, Solar energy. View his linkedIn profile, a lot of skills and training

### Charlie's Scientific background also allowed him to be a solar energy specialist. So Charlie actually installs Solar energy systems around the world at a much cheaper rate than main stream prices. So they will tell you that you can switch over to solar 100% for $8000 to $15,000. But it can be done here for only about $1500.
### Charlie is currently working on free energy generator systems like the one that Tesla tried to introduce about 130 years ago but J.P. Morgan blocked him with lies and misinformation just like Spam Haus is doing now. Not only did J.P. Morgan block him from getting loans to develop the free energy generator that was real around 1910, . he spread lies and disinformation across the wave to prevent any other banks from helping him (We only know the bad name that J.P. Morgan the bank has now. But I am talking about the man himself about 120 years ago). He later died penniless. Tesla a man with so many inventions and patents (like inventing AC current for use) died penniless due to J.P. Morgan's lies!
### Charlie is also working on being able to convert gas guzzling cars to electric. It is being done already but you will never hear it in CNN or Fox news or any of the main stream media.

###So maybe when Charlie gets that technology together and starts doing it full scale, a body like Spam Haus will rush out with misinformation to dumb you down and say "Charlie entices hapless newbies into signing up for electric car conversion scam!"

Dumbing us down email marketing, email blast dumb downSo don't let this dumbing down continue. It is a skill that main stream has had for too long. We could have been using free energy generators since before our great grand fathers if not for J.P. Morgan. We could have been driving electric cars and saving money since 1920 when electric cars were more in number in the streets than gasoline cars. Or at least since 1996 when GM motors suddenly repossessed all the electric cars that they sold and gave no excuse and crushed all of them. They were up to 500 cars and the owners protested several days on the streets that they wanted to keep them but GM motors refused. And they whole event was not on CNN or Fox news. And now Toyota and other pretenders are releasing cars in 2012 that can only go 11 miles before re-charging to pretend they can't do 300 mile cars. Individuals could convert cars that can go 300 miles since 2007. And hopefully me too very soon.




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