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Email Marketing, Bulk Email Marketing, Targeted Email Advertising, Mass Email ServiceWelcome to Omega One Marketing, we offer responsive marketing that you can trust here. Email marketing that you can boost your sales on your website. For example, email marketing and bulk email service that you can use to market your product or services to a lot of consumers. You can use our mass email publishing service to send out your ad to specific contractors to offer them a new job for example or you can use our targeted email advertising to reach doctors in a specific state or use our mass email blast to target restaurants in a specific city where you operate. You can check out lots of targeting options for your bulk email marketing with us in this page: targeted email blast. On that email marketing page we have lots of consumer targets and business targets separated in the different dropdown lists on that page. You can select business targets for your email marketing blasts from the top dropdown list menu to get quote on email marketing to businesses in a specific city or state.




We also offer high quality excel email lists that are in a spread sheets. The excel email listscontain full contact information together with other data about each record like the person's Title, address, country, specialty, gender and so on. We have doctors email lists in excel, consumer email lists in excel spreadsheet, we have mortgage broker email list in excel spreadsheet, chiropractors in excel and almost all business types that you can think of, we have them well sorted in excel spreadsheet., We have even more specific physicians email list like orthopedic surgeon email list in excel, gynecologist excel email list, Anesthesiologist email list in Microsoft excel and so on. When you buy our high quality excel email list, you will be able to use the list to target by so many criteria using the columns available in the excel file. For example you can filter off and target realtors and real estate agents since there is a title column in our excel email list files. Or you can target just people living in Illinois or even in Illinois you can target just people in Chicago Illinois since there is a city column in the excel file. So you can see, our excel email list which are updated every month offers you lots of targeted filtering opportunity. You will get high returns from our excel spread sheet email data since they are updated monthly. You can check out the details on our excel email lists here: Excel Email List With Name and Phone Number. And you can submit a quote request with a form at the bottom of that page to get count and pricing from us.



You can get quotes for Email Blast or Email List by clicking the applicable menu on the left of this page and then go into the specific product or service you need to do a search.

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Email List, Mass Email List, Targeted Email List,We also offer lots of email list files that are email addresses only and are targeted. We have our email lists in dropdown lists all in alphabetical order on this page email marketing where you can select one and get a quote on how many we have. You can do a lot of targeted email marketing by buying one of our targeted email lists. Our targeted email list can be targeted by profession or our business email list can be targeted buy location like being targeted by city or by state. We have many career specific email list that you can target further by location or even by income and gender. We also have very large email lists that you can buy in bulk. We also have email lists from different countries outside USA. Our highest data volume is USA followed by UK and then Australia and Canada. You can view our targeted email lists in this page: Mass Email List












































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