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Mass Email Software for Ownership -

Are you looking for a good email marketing software like a bulk email software.  You have come to the right place that will explain and provide you with the type of email marketing software that you will need.  To do email marketing you need an email software that can do an email broadcast for you without blacklisting your IP address or causing you to loose your internet connection to do complaints.

If you want to do the email blast by yourself you will need a specialized software that can do you mailings for you safely and legally. .   You can't use ordinary software like MicroSoft outlook it will get you spam complaints.

On this page I will cover some features you should look out for when looking to buy the right email marketing software.  

Safe Execution Mailer Features

Send up to 100,000 emails per hour!
Direct mailer or SMTP servers
The software includes the ability to choose different IP addresses.
You can test your IP addresses against blacklisting before use
Does not Use ISP Mail Ports -So it can't be blocked.
Uses the same ports as your Browser so it always works!
No limit to the number or image size you can include in one ad message
Your ISP wont be bothered because there will be no spam complaints
Test each IP againt blacklist before starting a mailing campaign!
Uses Multi Threaded technology! Up to 1,000 threads depending on your Internet speed!

Its Reliable: This email blast software protects your IP address and protects your Internet connection that you have with your ISP Service. Its called Reliable because it wont bring you spam complaints to you ISP or get you stranded on the business mailing you planed to send to your clients or potential customers!!

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-------"I just wanted to let you know your
Safe Execution Mailer. is the best email software that ! I have purchases and I had  tried several other email blast software before and none of them sent emails so smoothly and so fast like your software."  - Jon Lancaster


You can send out HTML or Text Messages with this software.  You can even add HTML codes directly to the software to begin mailing. Its all easy!


Please Take A Look At The Software Below To Get Some Idea On How It Works

Mass email software

You can see above that with this software you can send HTML or text, You can specify your own From email and Names and the subject Heading. If you look in the picture about you can see that you can do a lot.

HTML email software

From the snapshot above you can see that you can rotate the IPs that you have been given or you can chose an IP to use for your email blasts.

Bulk email Software

If you look at the picture about you can see that you can add a suppression list of people that have been previously asked to be removed from your mailing list. Or you can block yourself from sending to .gov or to abuse repated emails.


This email campaign software allows you to Use Cable DSL or T1 line and if you only have dialup you can use it too with this wonderful reliable software.

You can protect yourself during mailing by suppressing complaining emails and previous unsubscriber.  For example you can block out abuse email addresses or .gov and .org email addresses.  This is a good way to unsubscribe people who have requested to be removed as well.

 This Software is Available in These Packages:

1 Year Use of Software plus Tech support and step by Step setup instruction For $379.99

Lifetime Use of Software plus Tech support and step by Step setup instruction For $549.99

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