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Top 10 Tips On Bulk Email Service!

Top 10 Tips on Bulk Email Service, 101 tutorial on bulk email service, how to do bulk email service, guides to bulk email service, what is bulk email service, benefits of bulk email service, Ten tips for bulk email service, 10 easy advice for bulk email serviceAs an expert in bulk email service, Omega One is offering Top 10 Tips On Bulk Email Service. Bulk email service is very difficult and there has been a lot of struggle to achieve successful email campaigns. A lot of newbies have lost thousands of dollars trying!


1. The most import tip is to get a good bulk email service provider. It will make things a lot easier fro you. Omega One is an expert in bulk email service.

2. Choose a bulk email service that will make sure that your email messages will end up in the inbox of recipients not the spam folder.

3. Use an email advert or email flyer that is not too long. Omega One recommends that you have your email ad no more than 1 page long (i.e one microsoft page long).

4. Try to use an email list that does not have a high bounce rate because if you are using an email system with one IP, the IP will quickly be blacklisted and will not be able to get a lot of emails through after that. Omega One uses scrubbed email lists and we do change the IPs regularly to be sure.

5. Try to use changing IPs so that if your IP is blacklisted you can continue your bulk emailing with good delivery rate on another IP. Omega One frequently changes the IPs used for their bulk email services.

6. Try not to use too many words and phrases that have been known to be used by spammers. Example Free, viag.. business Opportunity, online pharmacy, weightloss and so on.

7. Do not design or put together an email ad or email creative with the whole email ad or creative being one image because images are blocked by a lot of email address providers like gmail, yahoo, aol and so on.

8. Try to make it so that each email received is unique in other to avoid being filtered off by spam filters

9. If you want to run the bulk email marketing yourself, try to use the right software that is safe and will not shut you down. We offer a good software here email marketing software.

10. You should make sure your email ad or email creative has the right format to pass the spam filter test. You can higher a good email creative design service just to be sure. Omega One offer Email creative design service here Email creative designing.














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