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Top 10 Myths About ObamaCare!

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What we are going to do here is analyze the top 10 myths. During the Presidential election there were lots of repeated lies to get people to vote this way or that way. At a point knowing what the truth is became very difficult. And the main stream media (CNN, FOX News and so on) didn't bother to bring out the myths and analyze the facts since the issue was very important. But anyway we'll bother!

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MYTH #1: It’s too complicated to understand any of it.
FACT: The basic facts are simple. More than 32 million more American will now be insured. The common insurance company abuses will blocked from continuing.
It will allow the improvement of quality health care and the controlling of treatment costs for everybody.
FACT: explains the new law and how it will be rolled out.

MYTH #2: It hasn't helped anyone.
FACT: ObamaCare now covers: 1) Children with pre-existing conditions, 2) 3.1 million young adults up to the age of 26 are now covered on their parents’ plans, 3) Adults with pre-existing conditions can now sign up for high-risk insurance plans.
FACT: With ObamaCare there will be no more insurance company caps on how much they will pay on your heath care.

MYTH #3: We can’t afford to have it.
FACT: Actually we can’t afford not to have it because by allowing access to the right health care, at the right time and place, the ObamaCare is designed to save money while keeping citizens healthier.

MYTH #4: It hurts Medicare and seniors.
FACT: ObamaCare actually helps seniors to afford prescription drugs.
FACT: ObamaCare allows Seniors to get annual checkups without worrying about co-pay.
FACT: ObamaCare invests in making Medicare work better now and for the long run for doctors and seniors..

MYTH #5: It’s increasing premiums and costs for families.
FACT: Private employer-based health premiums were easily skyrocketing year after year before this new ObamaCare law, there was no cap on greed, ObamaCare will stop the skyrocketing of insurance premiums.
FACT: Insurance companies will now have to explain why they are increasing premiums on a public website and it will be hard for them to find a good reason.
FACT: If insurance companies don’t spend enough of your premium payment on health care, they are now required to send you a rebate check at the end of the year just like it is in many countries.

MYTH #6: It’s hurting small businesses.
FACT: ObamaCare will help many small businesses with fewer than 50 employees because they will now be getting tax credits of up to 35% of their health insurance
premiums. And beginning in 2014, many small businesses will be eligible for tax credits of up to 50% of their insurance premiums.

MYTH #7: It’s unconstitutional.
FACT: This is another strange myth because the Supreme Court of the United States has on the contrary declared it constitutional.

MYTH #8: It’s all about insurance and not about health.
FACT: ObamaCare will create a national Prevention Fund - Its a long overdue investment in preventing chronic disease and improving health. Different communities all across the country are already using grant money from the ObamaCare deal to help citizens live healthier and longer lives.
FACT: ObamaCare invests in training more physicians, nurses, and other health workers.

MYTH #9: It’s all about insurance and not about cost.
FACT: The Medicare and Medicaid Center for Innovation is now promoting new health care models, health care innovations, and research across the country to start improving health care while at the same time decreasing medical treatment costs.
FACT: The ObamaCare law focuses on improving the quality and the coordination of health care.

MYTH #10: It’s a government takeover of our health care.
FACT: ObamaCare AKA The Affordable Care Act is a partnership between the US Govt. and different businesses, communities, hospitals,
doctors, and patients. It strengthens the private insurance sector while at the same time protecting citizens and their health.

To link to this page use this Keyword: Top 10 Myths About ObamaCare

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