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An Overview Of Email Creative Design

Email creative design is very important when it comes to email marketing. It is the email creative design that works well for a good email marketing campaign. Now that email marketing has become quite popular, web designers should think of some good and attractive ideas to attract many customers. This is where  email creative design plays an important role. Many people say there are many ideas for a good email creative design. But it is not the ideas that work well. You should also know when and where to use the email creative design to make your email marketing campaign a success. This article is all about email creative designs and how to make this a successful one for your business.

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Omega One's Branding of Email Creatives

Tip 1: Branding of email creatives

Email marketing is all about marketing a specific product. Therefore, branding is a very important thing when it comes to email creative design. You should know well about the product before you go for branding. Once you know well about the product, make sure that your email creative design matches the website that you are linking it with. For instance, many people follow a different practice. That is, they make the email creative design a very attractive one than the actual webpage. When people are directed to the webpage, they see a very different page. Some just leave the page as it is and just do not look into it further. This is of no use at all. After all, you are onto the email marketing campaign to get more sales and this has no effect on this criteria. Therefore, always make it a point to make your creative design and the actual webpage look alike. This will get you more responses than you had thought.

Tip 2: Pixel size

Most of the people do not actually read the email fully. And a lot of them do not open the email ad. They use the preview pane to go through the email. If the pixel size of your email creative design is somewhat higher the compatible pixel for their computer screen, then there is no way you can get people to read your newsletters and campaign emails. Always make it a point to make the pixel size of your email creative design around 500-600 pixels. This is the average pixel size and this sounds normal in many cases.

Tip 3: CSS

Many people have the idea that coding for email creative design will work well. But this is not actually true. The main thing to note is that coding for emails is a tough thing when compared to coding web pages. Also people can view your emails using many combinations and operating systems and it is just not possible to look out for CSS for every email you send. After all, you will be sending thousands of emails and this is really a tough thing to do. Therefore, just use simple HTML for your email creative design and this will really work well for your email marketing campaign.

Tip 4: Speed

In this busy world, many people just do not have the time to go through your advertisement for not more than 2 seconds. Taking this into account, your email creative design should be simple and chic. You should also express what you are planning to say within those 2 seconds and this is the catch. Always place the main message on the top so that when the customer reads your email he or she can understand what you are trying to say, just by reading the heading of your email marketing letter. Remember, most of them use only the preview panes and hence this should be short and simple too.

Tip 5: Testing

Once you have completed your email creative design, just send a test email to some of your friends or colleagues. This will help you to find out bugs and other errors related to those posts and how you can sort them out. Select emails of various combinations so that you can handle the problems as a whole. This will save you some time too.

Tip 6: Flash

Flash animation is really a wonderful thing. But this works out only for web pages and this will never work out for email creative design. Try to avoid flash animations to the maximum. You can also make the campaign more effective if your email creative design is without flash animation.

Tip 7: Subject lines

One would just look at the subject lines and then decide whether to open the email or not. This is the main thing about subject lines. If your subject lines are attractive, you can surely get the response that you expect from the customer. But if your subject line is not that attractive, then your customer will never open that email and this will just end up nowhere. Always keep in mind to keep a good and effective subject line that matches with your email creative design.

Tip 8: List of key benefits

Once a person reads an email that you send, he or she will look for the benefits that they can get from it. It depends a lot on writing logic. Written logic that only when you provide some key benefits, you can get as many customers as you want. That's because you can get a lot of people interested in your offer if you provide a logic that matches what they understand. Therefore, make sure to list out the key benefits of your offer in your email creative design. This really works out well when you make some specifications to this list, for instance, you can bold in bold it in the email creative design, or capitalize it in the email creative designs, and so on.

Tip 9: Button for action

You send an email marketing newsletter only for a call for action from the customer€™s front. Therefore, stress this on your email creative design. Make the keywords for the call for action very effective and strong so that people will start reading the newsletter on seeing the button. It can be either €ś Start the free trial now€ť or €ś Get the free kit now€ť and other effective words like these.

Tip 10: Option for Unsubscribing

This is very important. You should give a link for unsubscribing from the newsletter or the email marketing campaign. If you place it at the bottom of your email creative design, this would look good and professional too.

These are some good and effective tips for a perfect email creative design for your email marketing campaign. By using these properly, you can get the results that you had aimed for.


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