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What is Email blast

Email blast is a marketing process that uses email lists to execute email campaigns. With Email blast you will need an email creative that will be sent out to the consumers that you want to reach. Email blast is the marketing of flyers by the means of emails. Usually an email list of some sort is required together with a software that can do it as well as the ad. You can send out Email blast to doctors to offer them low priced medical equipments that you are offering. And in this case Email blast allows you to target doctors specifically so you might choose to target doctors that have their own clinics and managers responsible for ordering medical equipment in other medical centers because these types of individuals will be the best type of people that will most likely buy the equipment or decide to buy it if need buy their practice. You can use Email blast to send out promotions to property managers if you have some products that property managers could use. You will then first of all create an email ad that is specifically designed for property managers to let them know that the ad message is targeting them so that when the receive the email in there inbox they will be more interested in opening it and reading it. If there is no indication that the emails are targeted to property managers then when they receive the Email blast message they may just think that its a spam message. So mentioning property managers in your email ad design and making it clear that it is for property managers will really help increase your email open rate and your response rate.

Email blast is much cheaper than trying to do advertising using TV or radio so because of this you can see that Email blast is very cost effective to you. Email blast can be arranged and executed quickly because its much easier to set up than for example a yellow page ad or a TV commercial. Email blast is more interactive than these other traditional marketing methods. Its interactive because consumers that receive the ad can react to it or choose what to read in it or whether to submit some kind of feed back.

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