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Introduction To email blast

email blast is sending out email ads to potential consumers in large volumes to get lots of sales or signups to what you are offering.  email blast is easy to setup and does not require too much effort if you know the right tools to use.  Or if you hire an email marketing company for your email blast. email blast is quick and efficient and can yield you lots of traffic or email blast can yield you lots of sales  and customers for keeps.  email blast is used to market many different types of ads.  You can use email blast to advertise a shopping website or use email blast to market a book or ebook that you wrote or published.


How to make your email blast campaigns effective?

This is the question that comes into the minds of everyone who intends to start an email blast campaign. Will it be effective? Will the customers read my emails? Will they respond to that? You may have many such questions but the main thing that you should do is, you should first know about your email blast campaign and for what purpose you are running it.

Marketing- The idea behind email blast:

There is no doubt that the main purpose of starting an email blast campaign is purely for marketing your products or business. This has been proven as the best and the cost effective way of reaching a global audience and you can also be sure of the results. However, there are certain things that you may have to check to make this work perfectly well. The first thing is you should know about the CAN Spam rules. These are a set of rules and regulations that are formulated for effective email blast campaigns. Once you are sure about these rules you can proceed with the email blast campaign. Here are some rules that you may have to check out before starting one email blast campaign.

No false or misleading header information should be used in the emails. Everything right from your name, the domain name of your website, the nature of your business, and the email address from which you are planning this email blast should be very accurate and this should not have any kind of misleading information.

Always use a direct subject line. That is the subject line of the email should be accurate and it should specify what exactly you are planning to achieve in sending the mail and running the email blast campaign.

If you are posting some kind of advertisement then make sure you let the readers identify that you mail is an advertisement. This is actually a good thing that is permitted by the law. Sending advertisements through mail is really an easy and cost effective way. You can have the reception of a global audience and it will have a direct effect on your product too. Make sure you do all the necessary steps to make your email blast campaign look like an advertisement.

Always make it a point to tell your recipients the actual location of your company. The email blast campaign mail should have your address: the street name, city, zip code, and so on. If you fail to mention these details then your mails will be automatically termed as spam and marked as one too. Therefore, be careful about this, and also ensure you give the correct address.

Always give the option of opting out from your email blast campaign, to the readers. This is a very important rule and this should be followed without fail. The opt out link should be clearly visible and easily readable by the readers. You should mention it in bold face, or use some specific colors too. Also give a return email address for the people to communicate directly to you and send their feedback too. This will help you to maintain a good relationship with them. If you do not wish the recipient to opt out entirely from the email blast campaign, you can also give them the option of menus in which you can select the ones that you need. This will give a professional touch to your email blast campaign and this would work out well too. If you have a spam filter in your software make sure these messages are not filtered out.

Honor the opt out requests sent by the readers promptly. Once the recipient has opted out from your email blast campaign then you should respond to it as soon as possible. Also you should not let out the email addresses of people who have opted out from your email blast campaign and this is a breach of this rule. This is the main part of the act and it is very vital you follow this in all your email blast campaigns.

If you have hired a third party for your email blast campaign then you should check with them if they are following all these rules promptly. If they are not complying with the law then both the company that is hired and the company that hired will be legally responsible for the breach.

Only upon knowing these laws fully, you should start a good and perfect email blast campaign for fruitful results. However, this process is somewhat easier when you hand the responsibility to a good and reputed company who has a good experience in the field of running successful email blast campaigns. Another challenge that most of the email blast campaigns face is the deliverability. Are you sure if the mails that you send are delivered promptly to only the inbox and not the spam folders? Most of us are not sure about this and here are some good tips that would help you to solve this issue when you run an email blast campaign.

Some good deliverability tips for a successful email blast campaign:

Though email blast campaigns are good to generate good sales and also attracts more visitors to your site, this is the main problem that is faced by most of the email blast campaigns. There is no use of sending the email blast mails to the receivers if they are reaching the spam folders. This would do no good to both you and the receiver. It has been proven that the following tips are quite good at getting a successful deliverability for all the mails that you send using your email blast campaign.

Make it a point to get double optinsfrom the receivers when they subscribe for your email blast campaign. This is commonly found in most of the email blast campaigns and the process is quite simple too. Once a reader signs for your newsletters or other email blast campaigns, you have to set the software in such a way that an introduction email is sent to the readers’ email id. The reader should then click the link that is given on the mail to ensure they are comfortable with the sign up. In this way, you can eliminate those people who are not sure about confirmation. Also you can sort out the issue of mistyped email addresses too.

Sending your messages at a consistent time is also something good to do. If you follow a time schedule for sending your email messages the internet service provider will never route your mails to the spam folders. Also this will have a consistency in the mails that you send to them too.

Always try to use the same from address for your email blast campaigns. The main reason is people may not check out for new addresses other than the one that you used to have for your email blast. And this will be a dead end for the emails that you send. Try not to change your from addresses and even if you have to do so, make sure you let them know about the change of address through a proper channel.

Always put your unsubscribe button at the top of the email blast newsletter or other communication. The main reason is, if you have placed that in the bottom along with other communication that you have sent, people may think that this is a spam mail and they would straight away click your mail as junk. For instance, if you have put the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the mail that you sent, the person reading it would not have seen that properly, and there is a good chance that he or she may direct your mail to the spam folder and this will have a bad effect on your reputation immediately. The simple logic behind this is, people will spend just about one or two minutes to read mails and most of them use the pop up windows to read the messages to save time. If your mail is viewed in such popup windows then there is no chance that the unsubscribe link can be seen by the reader and this will certainly have a negative effect only.

Always try to use a static IP address for all your email blast campaigns. The main reason is, if your IP address is shared with other people, then what they do may affect your business too. Therefore, always try to have a static IP address for all your email blast campaigns.

Also you make it a point to remind people to white list your email blast address. The main reason for doing this is,most of the ISPs consider the addresses that are white listed frequently to be trustworthy.

Try not to stress more on spam words like “ Special” “Offer” “Discount” “Free” “Win” etc. These words are considered as spam and it is most likely that the mails that have more of these words will end up only in spam folders.

These are some of the important tips that should be followed to get the most out of your email blast campaigns and get what you actually desired for. The next thing that we should know is how to formataemail blast newsletter perfectly using a good and effective email blast software. There are many kinds of email blast software available in the market today and based on your requirements you can choose from the vast list. Here are some of the main features that every email blast software has.

Set of features for email blast:

This is the main feature. Most of the software has plenty of features that will help you to create good and effective email blast newsletters. In some cases, you can also add hyperlinks, post comments, and other formatting options that make your email blast letters attractive and interactive. In many software, there will be an option of importing HTML pages to your email blast campaigns so that the newsletters appear very professional and perfect to the readers. Also in some cases, you can also get a report of the delivery of the email blast mails and this is something good so that you can track all the mails that you send to the readers and check out if they are delivered or not. The most attractive thing of all is that, in some excellent and high rated software you can even add sound files to your emails. This is something good because most of the people respond to sound files rather than reading them.

Email creation features of email blast software:

This is something important to note when you are planning to purchasean emailblast software. The email creation part should be very user friendly and it should be easily understood by all who read the messages. There should be enough space in the address book to add lots of email address for the email blast campaign. Some good software are quite user friendly and they complete the process of sending emails in three different steps.One by creating a contact list, second by creating your message and the third one by choosing the options for sending the email.This is good because you can know what you are doing and in which format you want the mail to be sent.

Reporting feature of the email blast software:

Every softwarethat is designed for email blast campaign should have a reporting feature. You should get a clear picture of the mails that you have sent and the response you got for that.forinstance, if you have been marked spam by one of the recipients you should know the exact reason behind that because it accounts to your reputation. Also the software should be able to give you exact details of the emails that are delivered and that are bounced back. Also in many cases, the softwareareeven capable of tracking down misspelt email addresses too.


These are some things that one should know before starting a good email blast campaign. After all, it is your money and time that you are investing for this and you ought to get the best out of it!

What does email blast Require?

Mass email marketing just involves you finding a company that can do it for you.  email blast also requires ordering a email blast to the right target that you want and finally submitting your ad to the company that will run it.  We offer all these on our website.  You can see the link below.   Mass email marketing also requires that you have a way to be reached so as to receive your recipients or traffic.  So you can use a phone number in your ad for your email blast or you can use a website for your email blasts.  You can also use an email address add to your ad or use a voice mail.   For your email blast you can also use a postal address.  So you have a lot of options available to receive responses for your email blast.

The Benefits of email blast

email blast has a lot of benefits. email blast allows you to reach millions of people all at once. email blast allows you to run an easy marketing campaign and not have to contact a lot of departments just to do it.   You wont have to contact a lot specialists and have all kinds of delays.   With email blast you can have everything setup all in one or two days and have the campaign started immediately.  Instead of weeks or months.  With email blast in some cases you can have everything setup in one day if you are in a rush and the company agrees.  We allow rush orders here at if you order a large email campaign. Click on the link below to see our prices for large email blast campaigns.

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