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Business Email List and Consumer Email List In Excel Spreadsheet



Omega One Marketing is a leading player in the excel email list vending industry. We have one of the best lists which are fresh and responsive. We meet all targeted excel spreadsheet email list requirements spanning various sectors in all businesses and industries. Our lists are not too costly either but they are priced per record and will provide you with a marketing tool that will grow your business or increase your sales a great deal.


We have files for Industries like: Healthcare, Insurance, Finance/Banking, Engineering, Computer Software/Hardware, Electronics, Telecom, Retail, Consulting, Information Technology, Electronics, Food and Beverage, Construction, Transportation, Education, HR, SMB/SME, Business Services, Oil and Gas, Energy and Utilities, Media, Manufacturing, Automotive, Marketing/Advertising etc.

Top Level Executives List comprised of all Titles : CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CTOs, COOs, VP's, Presidents, Chairman's, GMs, Mid level Managers, Sales and Marketing Managers, IT Managers, HR Managers, Sales & Marketing Executives, Publishers etc.


Omega One Marketing provides many targeted email list databases which you can buy to run your own email blast campaigns. We offer email lists that contain complete database fields like FirstName, LastName, TelePhone, StreetAddress, EmailAddress and so on.


You can submit a specific request for the email list target you need and we will send you a quote showing how many we have available. Our email lists that contain complete database fields.



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Chiropractor email list - - over 80k


chiropractor email lists - chiropractor latabase - Chiropractor email addresses in excel spreadsheet



Real estate Agents EMail list 1 Million - Its Broken down for all 50 US States, contact us to see how many we have for each state you want to buy.


Real estate agents email list


North Carolina Residents - 102k


North Carolina excel spreadsheet email addresses

North Carolina Businesses -10k


North carolina businesses excel email list, Target Businesses By City



Mortgage Companies Southern California 200k


Mortgage officers Email List in Excel, Loan Company Excel Email Addresses


Australian Email List in Excel 2 Million, Japanese email list 12k


Japanese Email List in Excel,  Australian Excel Email List, Australian Email List in Excel



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Doctors email list - 1.2 Million


Doctors email list - Doctors email addresses in excel

Uk companies - 2 Million


UK Business Email List, United Kingdom Email Lists, UK Excel Email Lists, Excel Spreadsheet Email List For UK


Managers and Directors Excel Spreadsheet. Business Email List in Excel - 30 Million


Human Resource Email List in Excel, CEO Email List in Excel Spreadsheet


Business in USA - 30 million


USA Excel email llist  with names and phones numbers





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