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Omega One Overview on services

Targeted email blast | Bulk email campaign | Mass email blast | Email addresses in excel spreadsheetOmega One is one of the very few targeted email marketing companies that can deliver your email ads securely into the inbox of opt-in recipients and thereby increase your open rate considerably. That's because we know how to send valid emails due to our extensive email marketing campaign experience. And we know just how to format your email ad messages in a way that protects them from being filtered off as unwanted junk emails. Becuase emails like those wont get to the inbox. As being able to deliver fruitful email blast campaigns became harder and harder due to the filters over the years, we made sure to be up to date with it and change methods to catch up with the filter technologies. So we are still able to continue delivering email flyers successfully into the inbox of recipients. So if you want to use a company that will get you results and has guarantee, use us for your email blast and email advertising needs.

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If you want to experience a real email marketing campaign then you should go with us. So due to our fortunate long experience with email creative designing, modern marketing mediums, and email campaign blasts as discussed above, we try to do things differently to achieve much better results than all these numerous new startup companies that don't know what they are doing. For example, to name a few, we use good quality opt-in email lists and well targeted opt in email lists to deliver high traffic and sales for our customers who order here. This helps to deliver a high ROI email campaign for them. These positive yields from our email campaigns usually results in a lot of sales for you.

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Our Email Marketing Solution:

So as you can see with the detailed service on our website we do offer a full service email marketing solution here. We have many targeted email lists here that we will be using to run any targeted email blast that you order. Our email marketing solutions will get you lots of customers to visit your website and that will in turn result in an increase in sales or an increase in signups to your offers on your site.

We encourage you to try our email marketing solution service you will get a wonderful chance to reach the type of consumers you need. For email marketing solutions click on "Email Blast" on the left menu and select accordingly from there. And to buy email list to download and use, click on "Buy Data" on the left menu and select according from the rest of the menu that come up for you. Our website is easy to navigate and we do offer the best email marketing solutions and targeted email data out there.

Our Quality of Service

We offer Quality not just Quantity  -  Our Email Lists have all the characteristics below:

1. All our email lists have all the duplicates removed and the list sorted
2. All our email lists are parsed through our UPDATED global suppression email database
3. All our email lists are fresh verified and acquired through opt in.
4. All our email lists are parsed through ISP White list filters.
5. All our email lists are updated every month and undeliverables are removed.

We offer High Delivery Rate email blasts - Our Email Blasts have all the characteristics below:

1. Your email blast campaign will be started in a very short time after you order it online!
2. You will experience a high delivery rate of your email ads to our subscribers.
3. You will get a higher rate of response and real traffic visits to your website.
4. You will get more traffic from our email lists than any other email marketing company.
5. You will see significantly higher rate of orders and signups for your offer using our email lists. 6. You Will a get Real-time Stats Control Panel Login for every emailing campaign you order.

Our Tested Estimates For Your ROI:

For example, if we assume that you have a product or service that sells for $49.99. And you came to us to order an email blast of 10 million, our estimate from past customers show that you would make at least $50,000 dollars and spend only $1399 for the campaign. And its based on the Following ROI from our email campaign.

If only 1 percent of the recipients that receive it visits your website out of the 10 Million sen t(usually its 3 to 5%). And out of the 1% visitors, if only 1% purchased your product or service of $49.99, you will make $50,000. You can see how our email marketing can get you a lot of sales and profits. So you can imagine if you ordered the 100 Million then you will make as much as $500,000.00 at least based on the above Estimate. We can spread out the 100 million email campaign over 2 weekes. And Note: 1 % is at the low end on the ROI you can get with us; most customers get from 3% to 5%. Learn more here ...


Our Bulk Email Marketing

We run Email Campaigns that yield very High Delivery Rates and therefore good profit for you  -  You will receive a Real-time Statistics report Control Panel from us with every email blast you order. You will then Logon to view the graphs and stats summary. Your email marketing campaign will commence 1 or 2 days after you order.


Our Email Marketing

We offer 2 profitable types of email marketing services here at Omega One. One of them is called bulk email marketing and the other type is called targeted email marketing. The Bulk email marketing service is the marketing campaign that involves the sending out of large email blasts to a more general and consumer based audience whereas targeted email marketing refers to the sending out of much smaller email blast campaigns using email lists that are targeted to various demographs. Email lists that are targeted by profession, location, gender, income and so on. In the case of targeted email marketing your consumer type can be specifically Ophthalmologists, Rheumatologists or specifically sales engineers or teachers. The Targeted email marketing that we offer as can be read on our news release here is very important because it allows you to plan a well targeted email campaign which you can then use through our marketing service to send to specific consumers of your choice. The Bulk email marketing blast which we execute here are equally important in its own way because it allows you to run massive email blast campaigns and get a very high amount of consumers to be introduced to your business, website, product, or online service. So you can see that with the type of bulk email marketing that we offer at Omega One using our superior email marketing tools can make you very rich or at least it can make you very successful. Our Bulk email marketing can be used to market an affiliate system or market various business opportunity offers. With that your email creative can be sent out to hundreds of millions of consumers. So since the bulk email marketing is sent to 100s of millions of consumers you will get a very high response rate with us. We have a good tool that will deliver your email ads successfully into the inbox of recipients instead of into the bulk/spam folder. With our bulk email marketing services we have a way of saving the email flyers from being marked as spam. And because of that method, lot of your email ads that we broadcast for you will continue to end up in inboxes of the numerous recipients until the end of the email blast service. You can see some email ads that we designed at some of our blogs or at out email creative design service page

Unfortunately when it comes to other email marketing companies, they are incapable, inexperienced or armatures. This leads to a lot of using the wrong tools, the wrong servers, or software. And when they start running an email marketing campaign of 10 million for you, before the first million is completed in their email blast for you, your email ad message in their server or software would have already started being marked off or filtered off as spam. This will result in the remaining 9 million being wasted since they will all end up in the spam folder where they are rarely seen or opened by the consumers. Aweber runs email campaigns with good tools but you have to use a limited list size and only opti-in email list you built yourself. Also constant contact runs email blasts online.

So definitely with our bulk email marketing services we have a unique way of doing things that lets every single email in the 10 million get through through to the inbox and not get filtered off; we have a good review on youtube. So you should try our email marketing service today and see results. Remember we will send you a confirmation email with a real-time tracking link to monitor your email marketing campaign once it starts 1 to 2 days after you place an order. Here is the link where you can order the bulk email marketing and here is the link to order the targeted email marketing. For email lists to own click here.
















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